An overview of the response codes returned by the RentCast API.

Our API uses standard HTTP/REST response status codes, which conform to the RFC 9110 specification.

Below is an overview of the most common response status codes you may receive when making your requests:

200✅  SuccessIndicates a successful request. The body of the response will contain the data requested from the API.
400❌  Invalid parametersIndicates that some of the request parameters were missing or improperly formatted. The body of the response will usually contain information about which parameters caused this error.
401❌  Auth or billing errorIndicates an authentication error with your request. Check that you are proving a valid API key in the X-Api-Key header, that you have an active API subscription, and that there are no billing issues with your account displayed on your API dashboard.
404❌  No resultsIndicates that there was no available data or records matching your query parameters. Try modifying some of the query parameters and retrying the request.
405❌  Method not allowedIndicates that the particular endpoint doesn't support the method of the request. All of our API endpoints only support the GET HTTP method.
429❌  Rate limit errorIndicates that you are performing too many requests and you’ve reached the request rate limit, which is a maximum of 20 requests per second. We recommend throttling your requests, or creating different API keys for each of your applications if you frequently exceed this limit.
500❌  Server errorIndicates an internal server error, which resulted in the server not being able to process your request. You can retry the request, or contact us and let us know about this issue.
504❌  Timeout errorIndicates that the server timed out and was not able to process your request in a timely manner. You can retry the request with a different set of query parameters, or contact us and let us know about this issue.

Below is an example error response with a 400 status code returned by our API:

  "status": 400,
  "error": "resource/bad-request",
  "message": "The provided address '1234 Main St.' could not be parsed or geolocated"