Learn about our pricing and managing billing for your API subscription.

Our API has a transparent and predictable pricing model that scales with your API request volume, and gives you access to nationwide property and rental data at an extremely competitive cost.

You can manage your API billing at any time from your API dashboard without the need to contact our support or sales team.


RentCast API Pricing

We offer several API pricing plans with different monthly API request limits, to support different clients, integrations and use cases. They all give you access to the same nationwide data sets and endpoints.

Our API plans are billed monthly and do not come with any long-term contracts or commitments. You can start, change or stop your API plan at any time.

Visit our website to view our current API pricing, or contact us if you're interested in higher-volume enterprise plans.

We recommend starting with our Developer plan when developing and testing your integration, which includes up to 50 API requests per month free of charge.


Our API billing plans have a fixed monthly price, as well as a per-request overage fee. Once you reach your monthly request limit, you will be charged the overage fee for each additional request.


Managing Your API Subscription

An active API subscription is required to make requests to our API.

You can start, change or stop your API subscription at any time from your API dashboard online, by scrolling down to the API Billing section:

RentCast API billing - manage subscription

When activating a new API subscription, your payment method will be charged for the first month of usage at that time, unless you've selected our free Developer plan.

When making changes to an existing API subscription, our billing system will automatically prorate your next payment for any unused portion of the current billing period.

When canceling an existing API subscription, your subscription will be set to cancel at the end of its current billing period, and you can continue making API requests until then.


Your API request quota will reset at the end of each billing period, or when you switch to a different API plan. Any unused API requests will not carry over to the new billing period in these cases.


Updating Your Payment Information

You can update your payment information from the billing page in your account settings. The payment method you save will be used both for the RentCast API and the RentCast platform subscription (if you have one as well):

RentCast API billing - update payment


It is important to keep your payment information up to date. If any of your API subscription payments fail, your API access will be suspended, and all API requests made using your API keys will return an error until the payment issue is resolved.


Viewing Invoices and Receipts

You can view and download invoices and receipts for your API subscription from the billing page in your account settings:

RentCast API billing - payment history

Each invoice and receipt will show the number of API requests made during the respective billing period, as well as any overage fees that were charged for requests over your current plan's API request limit.


Billing Error Codes

If you do not have an active subscription, or if there is a billing issue with your existing subscription, you will receive a 401 error code when making API requests:

  "status": 401,
  "error": "billing/subscription-inactive",
  "message": "The provided API key is not associated with an active API subscription. View subscription status on your API dashboard: https://app.rentcast.io/app/api"

Visit your API dashboard to view the status of your subscription and fix any billing issues to continue using our API.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try your API for free?

Yes, we offer a free Developer plan, which includes up to 50 monthly API requests to any of our endpoints free of charge, and has a small overage fee for additional requests over 50.

This is the API plan we recommend you use when testing our API and developing your integration. View this guide when you're ready to get started.

Do you bill based on how many requests I make, or how much data I retrieve?

We only track the number of successful API requests you make for billing purposes. A "successful API request" is an HTTP request to any of our endpoints that returns a 200 status code and a response body.

It doesn't matter how much data you retrieve via each API request - it will only count as one request for billing purposes. You will also not be billed for requests that return an error (a status code other than 200).

What happens when I exceed my API plan's monthly request limit?

Each of our API plans has a set number of API requests included in the monthly price, as well as an overage fee that will be charged for additional requests.

If you exceed your monthly API request limit, you will be charged the overage fee for each additional request. If this happens regularly, we recommend upgrading to the next available API plan.

Where can I view and track my API usage?

You can view your API usage, the number of requests you have made during the current billing period, as well as any accumulated overage fees on your API dashboard.

Will I get a notification when I'm close to exceeding my plan's monthly API request limit?

Yes, you will receive an email notification when you reach 85% of your current month's API request limit, and another when you reach 100%.

Check your spam or junk mail folder if you don't see the notification emails in your inbox, and add our rentcast.io domain to your allowed or whitelisted senders list.

I have other questions, who can I speak with regarding billing or pricing?

You can send us any questions you have about billing or pricing via email, or use the live chat button at the bottom right of our website to speak with our team.