Returns a property rent estimate and comparable properties.


This endpoint returns the current property rent estimate and comparable rental listings for a specific address, or a latitude/longitude coordinate.

The rent estimate returned by this endpoint represents the estimated rent you can expect to collect from a long-term rental lease of a given property.

The comparable listings returned by this endpoint will be sorted by the correlation field in descending order, with the most similar listings appearing first. They can be used to display rental comps for a given property, or to calculate your own rent estimates.


Although specific property feature parameters (propertyType, bedrooms, bathrooms, squareFootage) are optional, providing them in your requests will significantly improve the accuracy of the valuation estimates.


For multi-family properties (Multi-Family or Apartment property types), this endpoint will return a rent estimate for a single unit, not the entire multi-family or apartment building. Learn more about AVMs for multi-family properties.

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