An overview of the property types used by the RentCast API.

Property and Building Types

The RentCast API provides data for residential properties in all 50 US states, including single-family, condos, townhomes, manufactured, and 2-4 unit multi-family properties. This includes vacant land parcels.

We also provide coverage for 5+ unit commercial dwellings, including apartment buildings, condo complexes, and other large residential developments. At this time, we do not have data coverage for office, retail, industrial, manufacturing, farm or other non-residential commercial properties.

Our API uses the following property and building types, both in the propertyType query parameter supported by the various API endpoints, as well as in the propertyType field returned by the API as part of property or listing records:

Property TypeDescription
Single FamilyA detached, single-family property
CondoA single unit in a condominium development or building, which is part of a homeowner’s association (HOA)
Townhouse          A single-family property that shares walls with other adjacent homes, and is typically part of a homeowner’s association (HOA)
ManufacturedA pre-fabricated or mobile home, typically constructed at a factory
Multi-FamilyA residential multi-family building (2-4 units)
ApartmentA commercial multi-family building or apartment complex (5+ units)
LandA single parcel of vacant, undeveloped land


When using the propertyType query parameter, keep in mind that it is case-sensitive and should be formatted as shown above to work correctly.


Studio Units and Apartments

The RentCast API uses the bedrooms response field and a matching query parameter to indicate the number of bedrooms in a given property, unit, or apartment.

A bedrooms field value of "0" indicates a studio layout, where the bedroom shares the space with the living area, as opposed to being in a separate room.

Similarly, when retrieving data specifically for studio units or apartments, you should provide a value of "0" for the bedrooms query parameter.