New Property Listing Endpoints

This API release added two new endpoints for retrieving individual property listings, improved our property data coverage, and increased AVM estimate accuracy.

Check out the highlights below:


New Endpoints - Property Listings by Id (/listings/sale/{id}, /listings/rental/long-term/{id})

  • We have added two new API endpoints, which allow you to retrieve specific sale or rental listings by their internal property id
  • Use the /listings/sale/{id} endpoint to retrieve individual sale listings
  • Use the /listings/rental/long-term/{id}endpoint to retrieve individual rental listings
  • Property ids can be obtained via the /properties, /avm or /listings endpoints, or cached in your application from prior requests

General Improvements

  • We've improved the accuracy of our property address parser, so you should see fewer cases when an address you provided could not be located
  • We've improved the speed and performance of many endpoints, especially those that perform geospatial queries

Property Records (/properties)

  • We've improved our property data coverage in many counties, so you should see an increased property data availability across the board

Property Valuation (/avm/value, /avm/rent/long-term)

  • We've increased the maximum value of the compCount parameter to 25, so you can now retrieve up to 25 comparable properties in each request
  • We've increased the accuracy of our value and rent estimates by improving our comparable correlation algorithm

Our API documentation has been updated to reflect the above changes and you can view it at any time to review the newly supported endpoints in more detail.

If you have any questions about this update, or have additional feature requests or suggestions, contact us by launching the live chat at the bottom right of this website, or by sending an email to [email protected].



Getting Started

To get started using our property data API, create a RentCast account to access your API dashboard and generate your first API key. Read this guide for an in-depth walkthrough.